Virtual Set Editor

Realize your vision for a professional-looking studio – wherever you want it. With a simple setup, a few square feet of space, and Virtual Set Editor, you can transform any location into a spectacular virtual environment that dramatically raises your production value and adds instant credibility to your presentation.

NewTek TriCaster has real-time Chroma key on every single input and video/graphic source. This 'LiveMatte' feature brings the power of virtual studios and live sets to any type of video production. It enables video producers and content providers to make their programmes visually rich and appealing at a fraction of the cost of physically-built sets.

Decorate virtual sets with custom logos, modify colour schemes, furniture options, create custom start and end points for zooms, adjust placement and scale for video inputs, and even create brand new sets from custom graphics files.

Or avoid the time and effort of developing your own creative elements or the expense of enlisting a designer to create them for you. NewTek content packs provide an instant professional touch that enhances the look and feel of your productions -easily and affordably.

Virtual Set Editor allows live sets to be customized very quickly to reflect the type of content that is desired. For example if your audience is young children they you can very easily select a ready-made set rather than having to build a physical set which is designed to appeal to children. Whereas if you wish to appeal to high school or college students, you can quickly change the backdrop to reflect something which will be more suitable.

At the press of a button it is possible to load a different virtual set, shoot another program and then quickly shift to another program in a short turn-around time. Operators can very quickly cater to different types of productions, maximize efficiency and also meet a much wider demand - without being limited to the setting up of a physical set.

Rekha Santosh
April Broadcast

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