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HTML5, H.264, VP8 and all that

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Bought an iPad recently? Video content aggregator Mefeedia reports that 26% of all web video is now HTML5 compatible encoded in H.264. Not much you might say but they also note that in January this year the percentage was 10%. The report does point out that only recent news stories on some sites are available and there is currently very little support for library content.

Is this the next new wave? Perhaps - H.264 offers a lot of answers (it does play on an iPad after all) but it should be remembered that although the codec may be free to use right now the license terms are up for renewal at the end of 2016. It's unclear at this stage if licensees will have to pay up. Google's purchase of On2 might yet herald an alternative as it was recently announced that they will open source the VP8 codec.

By making this commitment Google are also protecting users from potential patent lawsuits that seem to circle any new technology at the moment - currently the main oppositions raised against using the open source alternative Ogg format are concerned with unintentional 'potential infringements' of others technology such is the complex nature of patents and licensing.

What does this mean for those tasked with developing systems and delivering media? Change as always!



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