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This website uses one of the bigger CMS softwares (Content Management System) called Joomla. Joomla is a great platform because it is extremely easy to edit content and is open source – which means:

  • Free to use.
  • Large community continually making improvements (like addressing security bugs).
  • Extensive free documentation and support.
  • Mature coding which is stable, reliable and flexible.
  • There are many free or paid Extensions which can expand the functionality.

The website is a standard installation which also has a paid for Template (theme/style/skin), which gives it a professional look and feel. There are also a few Extensions (addons/plugins) installed which provide additional functionality - like for automated backups.

Website Terminology


An 'Article' can be thought of as one web page which has text, graphic and media content. It could describe one ‘special’ product (such as AJA Cion) or a collection of products (such as a list of Gefen Extenders) or be a static page (such as the Privacy Policy).


A 'Category' is an umbrella topic which contains Articles. For example, each manufactrer has it's own category. A Category can also have a specific use such as for 'News'.


Tags are descriptive labels which is an alternative method to categorise/sort articles into groups. For example, there are Tags called Converters, Extenders, Recording, Streaming.

Creating New Articles

  • Content should be engaging, attractive and low maintenance.
  • Avoid prices and model numbers to stop text from going out-of-date.
  • Typically a brief overview followed by images and bullet points.
  • Concluding with a link to Manufacturer webpages and our contact info
  • -----
  • Title: Auto Font Size – Keep in lower case. Even though it will show on page as capitals, on page link/address at top will all be in same format. Text
  • When copying text into article- copy as plain text or highlight and clear formatting under format menu at top.
  • Article Text Guides Title - Automatic Article Sub-Headline titles – Heading 3
  • All other text including paragraph titles (in Bold, to be ‘Paragraph’ format.
Insert/Edit Links
  • Ensure Target is set to New Window
Adding Images

Primary images and banners on articles should ideally be 800px (w) x 300px (h).

Ensure name is text and numbers only, with no spaces. Otherwise file will not upload to web folder.

Load Title picture in the ‘Images and Links’ menu, not load into content.



There is a sophisticated layout system to create any kind of sidebar or widget layout. You can easily manage the sidebar's positions and widths in the theme administration. Widgets can have different styles and be placed in any position offered by this theme. Each position has its own layout. You can align widgets side-by-side, stack them or choose your own grid layout. Show or hide widgets on mobile devices, while the grid adapts perfectly to your layout.

Warp Layout System




Backups are managed by the Akeeba Backup component plugin which creates an archive file containing all the folders/files and the SQL database. The archive files are stored on the web-server outside the web-root folder at: /var/backups/site-backups-boxer/

Documentation: Akeeba Backup Guide

A Crontab job executes a command once a week which triggers the backup procedure.

Restoring backups requires putting the Archive file and a small Kickstart file in a web folder and navigating to the kickstart.php in a web browser. 

Documentation: Using Kickstart to Restore Backups 


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We are a UK solution provider for the Video, Film and TV markets located in Harpenden, Herts supplying Broadcast and Post-Production equipment and integrated systems for over 25 years... More

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